The method developed at FC360© aims to unleash an athlete’s full potential by empowering the athlete creating its own reality, the thoughts structure so to became completely autonomous and fully accountable for their success.

1. Initial Analysis 

2. Design & Development of a Personal Development Plan (PDP)

3. Implementation & follow up  

4. Periodic Evaluations (formative & summative)

The FC360© method consists of 4 tiers: 

  • The Athlete [ASSESS]; the starting point where we learn about the athletes’ self-beliefs, motivations, and strengths/weaknesses, needs.
  • The Plan [AGREE]; objectives (ultimate, performance, progress), lifestyle, and routines (i.e., nutritional, sleep, etc..) are established together with the athlete with a clear timeline and pathway.
  • The performance [LEARN]; master the performance. Become confidence, improve concentration and self-awareness, learn how to handle pressure, obstacles, fears, and mistakes and handle them effectively. Remove distractions that don’t serve the long term goal.
  • The Growth state [ CONQUER]; the ultimate goal: be in the “zone”; gain self-confidence, unleash the full potential and become full immerse. Want it more than anyone else. Develop leadership style in all your life’s role: family, community and sport.

The FC360© method sets clear objectives defining tangible outcomes.

Some of the techniques used through the journey: 

– Interviews

– Observation checklists

– Practice reports/ logs.

– Objective settings

– Visualizations

– Self-talk, use of keywords

– Self-assessments

– Relaxation techniques

– Personal awareness 

– Creation of routines 


The essential ingredients for the method to work are the athlete’s motivation & the desire for continuous improvements

The initial work will focus on the athlete’s emotional and rational cerebral hemisphere, firstly creating an emotional connection to the objectives and applying different techniques within the method. 

An optimal intervention will aim for the athlete’s complete autonomy in managing his mental resources. 

The mind of a champion is resilient by transforming all limits and challenges into opportunities, and it is fully activated during competitions and training. 

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